Recommended Essential Oil Companies

Here are a few Trusted Essential Oil Suppliers that concentrate on quality and service, and are owned by aromatherapy professionals who follow safe usage guidelines. I know the owners of these companies personally , and completely trust their products, advice and ethics.

If you are tired of the big companies who are more interested in profit over safety, and you also believe in supporting the small business person, then you might want to check out these companies:

Dr. Frenchy PhD

Dr. Frenchy PhD is owned by a very dear friend, and I have found that not only is she very knowledgeable in the chemistry of essential oils and the creation of personalized synergies, but she is first and foremost an advocate for safe usage. If you need to treat a specific issue, then I highly recommend Dr. Frenchy.

Terrae Oleum

Another friend and associate is the owner of Terrae Oleum and I am thrilled to add her company to our list of trusted essential oil suppliers. In a nutshell, the basic philosophy of Terrae Oleum is safety first followed closely by purity. You should definitely check out her oils and blends, confident that you are getting the very best and safest for your essential oil needs.

 Northern Prairie Aromatherapy

Offering a full line of quality essential oils, essential oil blends, hydrosols and carrier oils, NPA is owned by Karen N., a dear friend and aromatherapy professional. In addition to advocating for safe usage of essential oils, NPA is "passionate about holistic health care and the benefits of essential oils."

Karen is "a business member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapists and the Minnesota Director for NAHA" as well as a " member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists".

Northern Prairie Aromatherapy & Holistic Health Services

Just the Essentials LLC

If you're looking for some custom blends, created using quality oils and following proven aromatherapy blending guidelines, then you don't have to look any further than Just the Essentials LLC. Owned by my friend, Andrea, you'll love her essential oils, described as: "High quality, 100% pure, essential oils from trusted suppliers who provide the GC/MS for each batch."

Just the Essentials LLC