Afraid to Scent Your Home Out of Fear for Your Cats

I'm sure you're asking yourself what could possible be safe home scenting for cats on a website about essential oils?!!


Well, as one who has used essential oils for many, many...many years, once I had cats and I found out just how deadly essential oils could be for cats, I decided a stinky house was better than no cats.

However, that also meant that I couldn't enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy out of fear of harming my cats. So I settled for inhalers, roll-ons, and aromatherapy jewelry. I even went so far as to design and create my own line of jewelry, called "Aromajewelry by CL Hendricks".

Then a friend (and employer) began using an amazing scent product at the office. I fell in love with the fragrances!

But it was when I began to do some research into these scents, that I discovered that they are totally safe for cats.

Not only that, but they don't contain any of the cancer-causing petroleum by-products, found in most scented candles. And, here I thought that scented candles were okay!

Couldn't have been  more wrong.

 Still Love Your Diffuser for Oils

In addition to offering safe, non-toxic ways to fragrance your home and environment, we also carry a very small line of quality, pure essential oils and some beautiful diffusers.

Now, this does NOT mean you can diffuse these essential oils around your cat, any more than any other brand.

However, they do have a line of natural fragrance oils in the same scents of their other products. These you can use because they do not contain the compounds found in essential oils which can harm your cats.

Love My Cats and Love My Scented Home

I love the fact that I can now fragrance my home without worrying about my cats. In fact, while in days gone by if I would even get out some essential oils (for mixing a blend or adding to a piece of aromajewelry), they would exit stage left right out the kitty door.

Now, they'll fall asleep in my lap, and even seem to enjoy the fragrances too. And since I live in an RV, I'm especially pleased with the plug-in warmers. Now, I don't have to try and find a place for a tabletop warmer, but can simply plug it in and enjoy.