NOW Certified Organic and Pure Essential Oils

NOW Essential Oils come in two different designations: Certified Organic and Pure essential oils, both made with the highest standards

Affordable Quality 100% Pure Essential Oils

 NOW Foods Organic Essential Oils

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 Where NOW Essential Oils are NOT Essential Oils

While some essential oils suppliers sell quality blends and dilutes of the more expensive essential oils, the NOW essential oils are NOT quality blends or dilutes. According to my research of both the NOW website and the many reviews on the various NOW oil blends and dilutes, these are actually fragrance oils. This means that you might get anywhere from 7.5% to 15% essential oil mixed with a concoction of fragrance oils.

On the other hand, many of the other essential oil suppliers create dilutes using essential oils preblended with carrier oils like jojoba or almond oil.

So while by purchasing quality essential oil dilutes, you do have to make sure you know what is used in the dilution. Whenever possible we will not feature essential oil dilutes or blends that we wouldn't purchase and use ourselves.

 What Reviewers are Saying about NOW Foods Essential Oils

The Good

The good, bad and the ugly can be found in online reviews of almost any product you can think of. In this case we're going to share a synopsis of what people are saying about a variety of NOW Foods essential oils.

  • "I'm a fan of NOW Foods essential oils...they tend to be a fair price for a good, reliable quality product."
  • "Wonderful essential oil - great product!"
  • "Clean, pure and unadulterated with other oils or additives."
  • "Love it will be ordering a bigger bottle soon."
  • "Bought this oil (peppermint) keep the mice out mice and apartment smells so nice."
  • "Like a miracle in a bottle (tea tree)"
  • "The biggest problem with Exotic oils is that they are so expensive. `NowFoods' oils are a bargain (I mean very cheap), even with shipping & handling."
  • "I love NOW essential oils...their products are great quality for the price..."
The Bad and the Ugly

I would suggest that before you buy any NOW Foods essential oil that you read the reviews. First, you will notice that the positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews like 90%. So customers have much more to say that's good than they have to report the bad.

However, you should still read the reviews. Of the small number of complaints some were about the packaging, i.e. bad lids, missing droppers, etc; while others were about the quality of the oil. Taking into account that some people who complain about these essential oils could very well be working for the competition, you have to wonder why only 7 reviews out of 350 bash the quality of the oil and the remaining 343 leave comments like "good", "great", "excellent" and "will buy again".

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