Marketing Tactics the Essential Oil Sales Reps Use

 The MLM marketing tactics employed by the sales representatives of the essential oil multi-level marketing (mlm) companies is without a doubt the most deceitful, the most illegal, and with the most dangerous of any other multi-level marketing companies.

"That's kind of harsh" you say? Is it really?

Why do I say the tactics they employ are dangerous?

Because in many instances they are playing doctor, dispensing medical advice, and recommending usage that is known to cause damage and even death. You don't get that kind of advice from a cosmetics sales rep, or someone selling soap, toys, home decor, or sexy lingerie.

Different Sales Tactics

The various marketing tactics used by essential oil sales reps are all designed for one purpose and that's to sell oils and recruit more sales reps to build their downline and income. While you expect sales reps to sell, when certain tactics are used with essential oils people can be hurt or worse.

These tactics are:

  • Junk science
  • Vague medical claims
  • Practicing medicine without a license
  • Lies

 Junk Science

Some of so-called scientific claims used to sell essential oils are so ridiculous that it obvious the sales reps are only repeating what they've heard.