Get Relief from Hormonal Migraines with Rose Essential Oil

When I heard the term “aromatherapy” I had no idea how to use rose essential oil for migraine relief...or any other essential oils for anything. I had just started selling fragrance oils at a flea market when someone asked me if the oils I was selling could be used for aromatherapy. I had to be honest and say “I have no idea.” However, being the inquisitive person I am, I headed to the library that next Monday to find out what I could about aromatherapy.

 Journey Into Aromatherapy Begins

I found one book, I believe it was by Robert Tisserand, and checked it out to take home and begin educating myself. Unfortunately…or fortunately as it turned it…I developed one of my regular pre-menstrual migraines, which I’d get 24-hours before I began menstruating. This had been going on for decades and I’d not found anything that would ease the pain.

So there I was reading about aromatherapy when I finally acknowledged that I could hardly see for the pain.

Suddenly, I remembered reading something about migraines in this book, and I quickly flipped through the pages until I found the reference: Rose Otto or Attar of Rose.

Well, I didn’t have any Rose Otto, and at that time new nothing about the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils, or that Rose Otto is one of the most expensive oils you can buy.

Using a Dilute of Rose Essential Oil

However, I had just received an order of bulk fragrance oils complete with a bottle of “rose”. Of course, I had no idea how to use essential oils and I couldn’t find anything in the book about how to use the oil for migraines. So, I had a flash of inspiration and decided that it couldn’t hurt to take a bath with a few drops of the rose oil.

With nothing to lose, I ran a bath and added about 30 drops of this cheap rose oil.

Then I climbed in, lying back to relax, inhale the fragrance of a rose garden, and pray that my head wouldn’t fall off from the pain. In a matter of minutes I noticed that the nausea was gone, the same nausea that had caused me to upchuck the pain medication I’d taken earlier (if you can’t keep it down, it’s not going to do you any good).

I also noticed a lessening of the pain in my head, and how red and “rosy” my skin looked. So feeling a bit better I got out of the tub before the water got too cool, and went back to studying my new book.

About 30 minutes later I realized that the pain was gone. 

Totally and complete gone! 

No pain!

Wow! Even that thing that remains in the back of your head after the pain of a migraine finally eases that says, “If you sneeze, or look at something the wrong way, or move the wrong way, I’m coming back”…that was gone. For the first time in 20 years of having migraines the pain was gone within a couple of hours of starting...within minutes of using something for relief!

It was a miracle!

How to Use Rose Essential Oil: Why Did the Rose Oil Work?

Later as I learned more about aromatherapy and about rose otto or rose essential oil in particular, I realized that even though what I used was a cheap rose fragrance oil, there must have been just a bit of rose otto in the formula. I learned that rose essential oil is a vasodilator, and that when having a migraine the blood vessels are constricting.

By putting the oil into warm-to-hot bath water, I’d probably used the best method for getting the effective properties of the rose oil into my system. The hot water opened the pores and the vasodilating properties of the rose oil immediately went to work opening the blood vessels and allowing the blood to start flowing like it should.

Years later I also realized that I also tended to yawn a lot when I had a migraine, yawning also being something triggered by the lack of oxygen in the brain. Following that train of deduction, I realized that when the blood vessels are constricting during a migraine, the brain naturally isn’t getting oxygen it needs.

There might be more to it, but all I knew then and until I went through menopause years later was that rose otto was the best thing I could do for my migraines.

 How to Use Rose Essential Oil: Spreading the Word about Rose and Migraines

Eventually as I learned more about essential oils, I switched from selling just fragrance oils to selling essential oils. I also tried to educate the people than came through my booth about aromatherapy and how to use essential oils. One method to get them to stop and ask about the oils was to display a sign that said “Sinus headaches? Migraines? Need relief? Ask here.”

That sign brought tons of people into my flea market booth seeking relief for their painful headaches. While I didn’t (usually) diagnose, I would share how to use rose essential oil for my migraines. While I wasn’t selling a high-priced full-strength rose otto, I did sell a quality rose essential oil blend which made it affordable for most people. See, I’d learned that even blends with essential oils can be effective.

How to Use Rose Essential Oil: Success Stories

Of course, selling the oils in a flea market or festival setting meant that there were times when someone would come through seeking help for a right-now migraine headache. They were in pain and needed help now!

I quickly learned that one didn’t have to have a tubful of hot water to soak in to use the rose essential oil blend to get relief from a migraine.
I also discovered that the majority of migraine sufferers were women who had either begun having migraines when they began menstruating, or when they got pregnant, or when they went through menopause…these types of migraine headaches were, and are, hormone related and respond the best to the rose essential oil blend. As these sufferers came through my booth, in the grip of a hormone migraine, I would let them put a touch of essential oil on their inner wrists, temples, and behind their ears.

So many times, these women would wander away to continue touring the flea market or festival, only to return within 30 to 60 minutes to report, “It’s gone!” They were amazed and I was thrilled. Needless to say, they would buy a little four-dollar quarter-ounce bottle of rose essential oil blend and go way with instructions on how to use essential oils…or how to use this essential oil for their particular need.

For more information on how to use rose essential oil or other essential oils for particular conditions, stay tuned. I’ll be adding more success stories including how to use essential oils for sinus headaches, smokers’ sinus drainage, warts, hypothyroidism and many other conditions.