Diet is more than losing weight

The phrase “Health Begin in the Gut" is attributed to Hippocrates. Supposedly 2500 years ago, this Ancient Greek physician, stated: “All disease begins in the gut”. Today, despite bad science, money-driven pharmaceutical industry, and a food industry that produces food products more full of chemicals than actual food, people are starting to wake up to the fact that if you heal your gut, watch what you ingest, then you may attain the best level of health you’ve ever known.

What follows is my journey towards health. Unfortunately, it took almost 60 years for me to discover that doctors are NOT in the business of getting you healthy, that just because something is labeled as food and sold in the grocery store doesn’t mean you should eat it, and that it is up to me to be my own health advocate.

I also learned that most doctors only get about one hour of training on the thyroid and it is pretty much summed up as: “TSH is the only thing that matters and synthetic T4 (Levothyroxine or Synthroid) is the only viable treatment”.

Living Healthy Begins in the Gut

My journey to health really goes back to my childhood. You see you can’t begin to learn to be healthy until you discover the meaning of unhealthy. I lived most of my life not realizing I was basically unhealthy, and that my efforts to look healthy (i.e. be thin) only contributed to the ultimate deterioration of my health.

How I Discovered the Importance of a Healthy Gut

Now, I'm not going to go way back to my childhood, but I grew up on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and yet seemed to be a little plumper than I would have liked. I have a perfectly clear memory of standing on a bathroom scale, at five years old, and stating "I'm fat" when I saw the needle stop on 55. Now, almost 60 years later, chances are good that I was simply repeating something I'd heard my mother say when she weighed herself. Either way, it made an impression...a negative impression on me.
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Fighting the Fat

So I grew up worrying about my weight, and of course it didn't help that my younger brother loved to chant "fatty, fatty, two-by-four..." You know the drill. I felt fat, ergo I must have been fat. However, looking back at pictures from my childhood, I wasn't at all overweight. It was in my head. Now, looking back I can see the early signs of gut issues, like when I started 7th grade, and would have to leave school in the middle of the day because my stomach hurt. Doctor said it was stress, prescribed a bottle of green liquid, and that helped the pain until I adjusted to the new environment.

Just like health begins in the gut, so does becoming unhealthy, and it is easier to become unhealthy than it is to get your health back once it’s gone off the rails.
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