Knowing the best essential oils storage methods is a must if you want to preserve your investment. The fanciest storage boxes in the world aren't going to help your oils to retain their viability if it is stored where it is too warm, or they they are exposed to sunlight. Below are a few recommendations for storing your essential oils.

Essential Oil Storage

Storing Essential Oils

When stored in ideal conditions, most essential oils, with the exception of citrus oils, will keep from one to six years (depending on who you talk to).

Citrus essential oils have a shorter shelf life, but that can be expanded some by storing them in a refrigerator. However, they may become a bit cloudy.

Essential Oils Bottles

While blue or green bottles may be pretty, the color allows more sunlight to penetrate. The best bottle colors for storing essential oils are brown or amber as they are closest to the red end of the color spectrum. For oils that come in other than amber or brown bottles, store them in a cool, dark place.

Essential Oils Caps

In addition to the color of the bottle, the type of cap matters too. Make sure the cap is a tight-fitting screw-on lid. If your oil comes with a dropper lid (and a quality oil will NOT come with a dropper cap), replace the dropper with a regular screw lid. Essential oils are powerful and some can cause the rubber of the dropper to dissolve and contaminate the oil.

Ideal Storage Conditions

1. Store in a dark location

2. The cooler, the better. A refrigerator works well.

3. Keep in brown or amber glass bottles

4. Use screw-top lids, without droppers.

5. Store standing upright

6. Store out of reach of children