Simple Chart Listing Essential Oils and Their Properties

This Essential Oils Chart is only to give you an idea of oil properties, application and skin sensitivity, as well as just one of the many uses for each of the oils. However, this chart is NOT completely correct, so don't base your use of essential oils on this chart.

Essential Oils Chart Cautions

Topical Applications - Neat or Diluted

Before you go just applying any essential oil to your skin, do your research or contact a certified aromatherapist. Most oils are so intense and strong that even a dilution will be effective.

The only one that I used to consider safe for anyone, including pregnant women and children to be used full-strength on the skin is Lavender Essential Oil. However, I have sense learned that even the most gentle of essential oils can cause skin sensitization when used full-strength on the skin.

With skin sensitization you might never be able to use that essential oil again. I, for one, would not take that chance.

Also, if you want to use essential oils on your young children, make sure you dilute, dilute, dilute!


By Sip or by Capsule - Use Caution When Ingesting

Before you ingest an essential oil...any essential oil, do your research. Check out the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy website's Safety Information. You will notice that nowhere on that page do they even suggest that it is safe to ingest essential oils.


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