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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words says it all. Sometimes no matter how you shout a warning, no one gets the message. Put it in a picture and suddenly the lightbulb goes on and they'll remember it forever.

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 Essential Oil Memes Warning About Cats

In researching just how dangerous essential oils can be to cats, I came across a couple of websites own by veterinarians freely encouraging the use of essential oils for treating all types of cat ailments. On one site in particular I immediately recognized a phrase often seen on websites of MLM essential oil independent distributors..."high quality", "pure therapeutic grade" and a few other phrases.

What especially concerned me was that on one hand she was saying that it was the chemical components contained in certain essential oils that made them dangerous to cats. Then she turned around and said the problem was the adulterations in cheap essential oils, and that with high quality essential oils there was no problem using them on all small pets.

Then I was not surprised to see that this one veterinarian has created her own line of essential oils especially for treating pets, including cats. Talk about pricey! Thoroughly disgusted by what I view as selling out and in the process endangering people's cats and kittens.

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