Dieting VS Healthy Eating

If only I had known from the beginning that there is a huge difference between dieting and eating healthy, perhaps I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.

Un-healthy Begins in the Gut, too: Diet to Diet to Diet

Once I graduated and was out on my own, I had gained some weight, and thus began a series of diets: The Grapefruit Diet, the Boiled Egg Diet; counting calories, starving myself, etc. You know the drill. I'd lose some, then couldn't stick to the diet, and would quickly gain it back. What I was eating was making me unhealthier.
Of course, back then (70s) I knew nothing about nutrition, the metabolism, the effects of yo-yo dieting, or that dieting and eating healthy were not synonymous. Little did I know that I was probably ruining my health.

Discovered Low Carb High Protein

When I was in my late 20's I discovered the Atkins Diet; bacon, eggs, butter, cream? I could do that, and I did. I dropped about 30 pounds to a nice 125 and was looking nice. Notice that? I was looking “nice”. You see that’s what equated being healthy in my mind. It was all about my weight.
Gradually I began eating carbs again, and while it seemed to take longer to regain the weight, regain I did, plus.
A year or two later, when I move to Santa Barbara, know the place where fat people are frowned upon...or yelled at as they cross the street by rude fataphobes. I was still only about 165, but by California standards, I was FAT!!!

So, I went to the doctor and got put on the Optifast...Medifast...something like that. It was one of those diets where you mixed up some powder, drank it and then ate a couple of low carb meals a day. My evening meal usually consisted of cooking cubed meat like beef or chicken in a skillet, stirring in broccoli, and serving it over a bed of lettuce…I still like that. For lunch I would slap some meat and cheese and mayo between a couple of leaves of Romaine lettuce and have a low-carb sandwich.

Back in those days we didn’t have all the wonderful low carb foods available that we have now. If only…

But as with the other diets, I lose a little, stop, and gain it back.
Keto Chips

Protein Power Diet

By the late 90s I was pushing 180 pounds, wearing sweats and maternity tops. A friend introduced me to the Protein Power diet and let me read the book. All right! I was in! Not much different than the Atkins diet, low carb high protein. You bet I lost weight! So did my friend. In fact, she was older and a diabetic, and lost 40 pounds and was able to go off her insulin. Of course, once carbs were added back in and a more "normal" SAD diet was resumed, the weight came back for both of
The upshot of all this dieting is that there is a definite difference between dieting and eating healthy, and I eventually would pay the price for the dieting and stressing my metabolism.

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