The Best Cheap Essential Oils: Get the Facts

Get the facts about the Best Cheap Essential Oils, and don't be fooled by marketing ploys and outright lies all designed to sell you overpriced essential oils. 

While some of the information out there on social media on how to use essential oils is very good, some of it is downright dangerous.

With over 20 years of experience in aromatherapy and essential oils, studying aromatherapy, using the oils, and educating others about essential oils and helping them select the right oils for their own needs,  (all at a time well before some of these MLM "multi-level-marketing" essential oil companies were even around) I’ve become alarmed at the dis-information and out-right dangerous recommendations from this new generation of essential oil sales reps.

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First of all, I need to warn you that I tend to get a bit passionate about exposing the dangerous information, fraudulent claims, and practices employed by some of those selling essential oils. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, and I may tackle some subjects that you may find offensive.

When the Best Essential Oils are NOT Cheap

In the last couple of years there seems to have been an explosion of sales reps claiming to sell only the best essential oils. Of course, this also means that they are NOT cheap essential oils. In fact, the prices you pay for these essential oils, all of which are sold by sales reps in an MLM marketing format, are horrifically expensive! 

Even worse is that many of these sales reps are dispensing medical advice and prescribing ingestion of oils with total disregard to commonly accepted safe essential oil practices. For most, the only knowledge they have about essential oils are the marketing materials they receive when they sign up to sell their chosen brand of essential oils.

This is one reason the FDA came down on them in late September 2014, giving each company and many of their distributors what amounted to cease and desist orders for practicing medicine without a license.

So while these oils are expensive price-wise, they might be even more expensive if, and when, someone follows their irresponsible marketing and dies. That's too high a price to pay.

Misleading Marketing Terminology

In order to make claims of exceptional purity and quality, several of the companies selling essential oils have coined some phrases used to market their essential oils:

  • “Therapeutic Grade” – A marketing term created by the man who started Young Living. There is no governmental agency, anywhere in the world that certifies essential oils.

  • “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®” – This is a registered namemark and trademark created by doTERRA to reinforce a false claim of exceptional purity.

  • “Medical Grade” – Again, a false claim since all 100% essential oils are considered medical grade

These are deliberately misleading marketing tactics designed to represent their oils as of a better quality than less expensive essential oils, purely to sell their product to a gullible public. 

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From My Own Experience with Cheap Essential Oils

As mentioned I’ve been using essential oils since the early 90’s and will swear by their effectiveness for my specific issues. However, just because I’ve used a certain essential oil or oils successfully is not meant to be a recommendation that you should use the same oils and will get the same results. 

The main reason for this website is to educate people who have been overcharged to use the "best essential oils" or who’ve not been able to use essential oils because they were afraid of cheap essential oils due to  misleading marketing and yet couldn’t afford the high prices of the MLM essential oils.

You should not feel that you have to sell your first born or a kidney in order to enjoy the benefits of quality essential oils.

I just want you to be free and not afraid to buy less expensive essential oils, aka the Best Cheap Essential Oils.

Using Any Essential Oils Begins With Knowledge

No matter which brand of essential oils you buy, you must know how to use them safely. That means educating yourself...NOT taking the word of a sales rep or Wellness Advocate who is trying to sell you essential oils.

I cannot tell you how much dangerous usage advice is floating around in cyberspace or how many people have suffered permanent injury from following such advice.

So, while essential oils can be very beneficial, you must remember that they are composed of chemicals, and overuse or misuse can be just as harmful as if they were an over-the-counter medication.

If your cat, or any other animal, has been hurt by essential oils, please take a few minutes and share your story. Thank you.

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