Quality Essential Oils By the Long-Time Leader, Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia Essential Oils are distributed through a number of online and brick and mortar stores, usually through health food stores. Aura Cacia has an excellent reputation, setting the bar high for quality and reliability in a field which can be full of deception and misinformation.

 Aura Cacia Philosophy

Aura Cacia believes in making aromatherapy as easy and understandable as possible by offering high quality aromatherapy products and essential oils. To do this they follow four distinct policies:

  • Source to the Shelf™ Strategy – An ethical and sustainable sourcing program allows them to sell the highest quality essential oils, and follows a Well Earth™ program combined with their own sophisticated testing.

  • Full ingredient disclosure – You’ll notice that every oil and blend with the Aura Cacia label lists each ingredient in the order of its quantity. They don’t use vague phrases like “fragrance oils” or “carrier oils” on the ingredients lists.

  • Green Footprint – Aura Cacia follows a practice of using recyclable and as little packaging as possible.

  • Protect the Animals – Aura Cacia products are never tested on animals, and with the exception of beeswax, contains no animal by-products.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils Coos and Boos


  • Aura Cacia has high quality essential oils every time and they never disappoint!
  • I recommend this brand to anyone needing good essential oil.
  • I trust this brand to provide me with high quality essential oils every time and they never disappoint!
  • I am thoroughly impressed with the quality...
  • The Aura Cacia brand has been good every time I have bought it for over 10 years.
  • Smells as potent as leading therapeutic brands.
  • The products are top-notch, the blends have a great smell, and they have really fast shipping.


Of course, you'll always find a few disappointed customers who are either disappointed in the packaging or in what they perceive to be lack of quality.

  • The essential oil was not sealed and leaked into the box. The box it was in was huge for this tiny bottle of essential oil...
  • I didn't really like the smell. I should have ordered the lemon instead. Also, the bottle was leaky and there was oil all over it.
  • I received this product with the top taped on - which was my first clue something was wrong.
  • It smells old like the oil was in the sun for a while...

These reviews are taken from Amazon.com, and I suspect since those selling the Aura Cacia oils are individuals (one-person companies), that some tampering might be going on with the oils, depending on which seller you get the oils from. Based on that, and not knowing which sellers might be guilty, all of the above Aura Cacia essential oils are sold by two large companies with stellar reputations.

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