Aromatherapy Essential Oil Safety


Aromatherapy safety involves more than not ingesting essential oils or diluting before topical application...much more. For instance, do you know which oils not to use on a child under two years of age? Do you know that certain essential oils can be toxic for cats? Are you aware that if you take certain prescription drugs, using some essential oils are contraindicated?

Did you know that there are a myriad of myths surrounding essential oils and how to use them and what they'll do? For instance, one of the most prevalent usage suggestions is to apply essential oils to the bottoms of the feet for the best result. Is that a myth or fact?

Are you aware that certain essential oils should not be used during pregnancy?

Have you been told that if you get a rash from using an essential oil that your body is just detoxing? Actually that's just marketing hype and the truth is much different.