You might be surprised at the number of aromatherapy myths floating around social media, like Facebook and Pinterest. Some are simply ridiculous, lacking any science or logic behind them, others are designed to sell you something by appealing to your emotions or faith. What all of them lack is any credibility and have been disproven by history, science, and plain ol' fact.

Since the majority, if not all, of these myths have been started and spread by the essential oil mlms, DO NOT just swallow what a sales rep tells you. They are trying to sell you something, and like many used car salesmen, will say whatever necessary to close the deal.

Essential Oil Myths

Aromatherapy Myths



FEET are the best place to apply essential oils due to the large pores.

The "pores" are actually sweat glands, which flow outwards and don't switch directions to pull anything inside.

Cheap Diluted Oils Legal: FDA says to be labeled 100% pure, there only needs to be 2-10% essential oil in the product

FDA has nothing to do with labeling.

GRAS = Safe for Ingestion: FDA has certified essential oils as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)

The FDA GRAS designation is for food additives, but does not mean they are safe to ingest by themselves. Two totally different applications. So using a single drop of oregano EO in a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, doesn't mean that filling and swallowing a veggie cap with the same oil is safe.

Pure essential oils won't freeze

If you get the temperature low enough every essential oil will freeze

Don't Like it? You Need It: Not liking the smell of an oil just means your body really needs it

The sense of smell is vital to survival as it identifies those spoiled or poisonous things to stay away from. Ignore it at your peril. Don't like the smell? Try another oil.

Therapeutic Grades Oils: There are different grades of oil, such as therapeutic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc.

There is no agency that certifies essential oils or grades them. "Therapeutic grade" and other such terms are pure marketing and have no basis is reality.

Quality essential oils will last decades

Eventually all oils will go bad due to oxidation, some sooner than others, most notably citrus, which have a very limited lifespan.

Lavender and Camphor: A good quality lavender (lavandula angustifolia) will never smell the least little bit like camphor.

Actually lavender will always have at least a hint of camphor…it's just a part of the plant oil. In fact, you should be more concerned by a lavender that doesn't have a hint of camphor!

Jesus Was Anointed with Essential Oils: Essential oils are mentioned in the Bible, were used by Cleopatra and found in Petra

While aromatic materials are mentioned in the Bible and ancient writings, they were not essential oils as we know them. The process of distillation was NOT invented until about the 11th century. What was used before then were crude extractions yielding very little therapeutic value compared to modern essential oils

Essential Oils have Vibrational Frequencies

Absolutely, unscientific, a scam designed by those with understanding of quantum mechanics. Don't fall for it.

You're Just Detoxing: It's Not an Allergic Reaction, it's just your body detoxing.

No. If you're applying essential oils neat or not diluted enough to your skin, and you break out with a rash or other skin irritation, you're having an allergic reaction. STOP USING THE OIL!

Essential Oils are the Life's Blood of the Plant

Not true. Essential oils are not alive, especially since they are actually produce by the destruction of the plant material in a process with temperatures of 200°F. Not much survives those kinds of temperatures.



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