My Essential Oils Story

Okay, you need to have an "About Me" page on any legitimate least if you're not a recognized national brand...and I'm not. So here's a bit of my story with natural remedies, herbal medicine, essential oils and aromatherapy; a history that goes back 20 years (boy, and I'm getting old!). Of course, being me, I'm going to start my story in the now and work backwards. Have fun.

 Why a Website Now?

First, why after all this time, and after building literally dozens of websites for other people and well over half a dozen for myself, did I finally decide to do one about essential oils? Truth be told, while I'd not done a lot with essential oils, other than having lavender essential oil on hand, for at least 10 years, in the last year I'd been hearing a lot about essential oils…most notably, Young Living essential oils.

I attended a church for a while where it seems that everyone was using Young Living essential oils, and I kept hearing about "Young Living" "Young Living" blah, blah, blah. Then my sister signed up to be a Young Living consultant, and I began hearing even more about Young Living essential oils. Then I attended a class about Young Living oils and learned even more.

However, in the midst of all this blather and hype about Young Living essential oils I was also hearing two things that really disturbed me. The first was that all Young Living essential oils...even lavender essential oil...were safe to ingest. The second I learned was just how much they were charging for even the most common, and normally inexpensive, essential oils. 

I also kept hearing how the ONLY quality essential oils were those sold by Young Living, and that any other essential oils were basically crap. Being something of a rebel...or at least one to buck perceived "truth", and because of my history with essential oils, I knew the hype about Young Living oils was a bunch of hogwash and marketing chatter.

Getting Back into Essential Oils

 In the midst of all this I began reading about certain essential oils that have been shown to benefit thyroid function and to successfully treat adrenal fatigue, both conditions which were making life a bit difficult. So while I wanted to try essential oils to treat my thyroid, I knew there was no way I was going to spend the ridiculously high prices for Young Living oils.

So, being a long-time researcher and web content writer, I began researching essential oils, paying particular attention to "pure" or "100%" essential oils and looking at price secondary to that. I wasn't interested in fragrance oils or blends...I'm of the opinion that blends like the Young Living "Energize" and "Thieves" are really a waste of money.

What?!! I can hear some of those who swear by Thieves, and the multitude of Thieves products all guaranteed to keep you and your home healthy and safe from just about anything you could imagine, going nuts about now.

How could I possibly have anything bad to say about Saint Thieves?

Here's why? It's a blend right? Why not buy the five oils used in the Thieves and make my own, plus I'd still have some of the five oils left over to use in other concoctions or blends? Of course, they (YL, that is) don't want you to think like that (after all thinking for yourself is not one of the attributes of YL zombies...or those who are part of the whole YL cult thing).

Anyway, not being interested in blends, I was looking for low cost pure essential oils. I visited a number of websites, read the raves and complaints in the many essential oil reviews on places like Then I began narrowing down my choice, paying particular attention to those oils I'd already used in the past or was familiar with from my years selling essential oils.

My History of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Yes, "years of selling essential oils," and that was literally years...over a decade ago. Back in the early to mid-90's, the internet was just getting started, so one still used catalogs and phone calls to place orders and buy those things not available in your home town. That worked in my favor, because gas was still relatively cheap and I decided to venture into the interesting world of flea marketing.

I started off in Arizona working the big flea market in Apache Junction just west of Phoenix, selling deodorant stones and fragrance oils. It wasn't long before someone asked me if those fragrance oils were good for aromatherapy. I had no idea and decided to learn. You can read about my first foray into using oils in a therapeutic way to treat a physical condition in Rose Essential Oil for Migraines.

Being in Arizona, as spring approached, I realized that working an outdoor flea market in the desert wasn't going to happen in the summer...although a lot of people did do it. Not me. Bless my momma's heart! She helped me get a 20-year-old class A Winnebago motorhome and I set off to do flea markets.

It was an adventure that lasted 10 years, and I loved it! 

Adventure and Aromatherapy

Well, most of it.

I traveled from Arizona to Indiana, by way of Texas and Michigan, where I set up at a 7-day flea market. This little flea market was near a lake and summer playground, so we had a lot of traffic.

Since that first experience with rose oil and the miraculous disappearance of my migraine, I'd gone full force into essential oils. While Aura Cacia was around then, I decided to purchase oils in bulk and rebottle them as way of keeping costs down. In those days, I was able to sell all the little 1/4 ounce bottles of essential oil for $4, making more profit on the cheaper oils and less profit on the more expensive oils.

While sitting at the flea market I also put together a self-published booklet on aromatherapy recipes, which I sold for a whole dollar. Yeah, I was definitely over charging!

For about four years those little $4 bottles of essential oils took me from Indiana in the summers to Florida, then south Texas, and then Quartzsite, Arizona in the winters. Each spring I would head back to Indiana, where people who'd purchased oils from me the previous year would be waiting to stock up, some of them buying 10 or more oils at a time. 

After Labor Day the flea market closed and I would spend the next six weeks setting up on weekends at little fall festivals all over Indiana, culminating in the 10-day Covered Bridge Festival. After my first year at the Covered Bridge Festival, I would have people lined up, coming with a list of oils to buy. One day, one lady bought 24 bottles of Lavender essential oil alone. Needless to say, every evening I was bottling oils and praying I didn't run out before my next order arrived by UPS.

"I Can't Believe It!" 

I can't tell you how many times I heard that from people who had purchased the oils and then came back a few days later to let me know that the oil had worked for them. I'd also get that from those who came into my booth suffering from a sinus or migrain headache. I'd let them put a bit of oil on specific points, and often before they could move down the 30' of my booth, they'd be back exclaiming happily, "It's gone! I can't believe it!"

Some of the conditions which were reported as responding favorably to essential oils were:

  • Sinus Headaches - using Lavender

  • Migraine Headaches - using a quality Rose Otto blend

  • High Blood Sugar - Juniper Berry oil (ingested by placing a drop of oil on a piece of bread), brought the out-of-control blood sugar levels under control. Even her doctor was impressed.

  • Mosquito bites - Lavender

  • Fire ants - Lemongrass, Peppermint, Citronella and Eucalyptus  blend

  • Arthritis - Chamomile and Peppermint blended with olive oil

  • Bee repellant - Peppermint on cottonballs spread around a food vendor's booth got rid of the pesky bees

  • Diaper rash - Lavender and Rose Otto blend, mixed in olive oil

  • Sinus drainage - Lavender

  • Smoker's cough - Lavender

There you have it. My About Me tale, and while my time selling the oils passed rather quickly, I've never forgotten the lessons I learned then: essential oils do not have to be expensive to be good, and essential oils work for a wide variety of physical ailments.

So have fun exploring my website...and don't be afraid to try out the best cheap essential oils featured here.