Natural remedies take many forms

Essential Natural Remedies comes in many forms: fresh and dried plant materials, teas, oils, infusions, and tinctures. Depending on the preparation and the type, natural remedies can be applied topically, inhaled, or ingested, although just because something is natural that doesn't make it advisable or safe to ingest, especially essential oils. 

Focus Changes

Before going any further, let me address the elephant in the room: the name change. Yes, this site was once called Best Cheap Essential OIls, with a focus on quality essential oils, safety, and exposing the often unethical practices that seem to be inherent in the MLM essential oil companies.

While all of that content is still here, under the header of Essential Oils, this site is also going to be shifting focus and exploring the many types of natural remedies. We'll be looking at folk remedies, food remedies, herbal remedies, CBD oil items, as well as homeopathic remedies.

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Why natural remedies make sense

Staying Healthy and Living a Long Life is Possible

The body is a wondrous machine and is designed to take massive amounts abuse before it fails. And, of course, there are some people take that as a challenge and then seem to be utterly stunned when their health fails and their body begins to retaliate against the years of abuse.

Unfortunately, the body doesn't always give clear signs of abuse, until it's too late. While many people understand that heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity are preventable and not just part of the natural aging process, there are still some that don't know the full impact of the terrible SAD diet (Standard American Diet), and how a lack of exercise, proper vitamins and minerals can accelerate the aging processand shorten our lives.

Old Fashioned Doesn't Mean Ineffective

Along with the progress of modern medicine, there are those among us who believe the "old fashioned" ways or products are better. The truth is they may be right, because as more evidence comes to light about the dangers of pharmaceuticals, people are looking for essential natural remedies to fix problems and prevent bodily deterioration. 

When it comes to health, treatment that might have been popular for a disease in 2000 may be completely outmoded in 2021. Then again, there are some remedies that have been around for decades treating other ailments and conditions, that we are just now finding out may successfully treat a much wider range of ailments.

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Why Old Fashioned Remedies May be Making a Comeback

Over the years, we would periodically see a resurgence of interest in folk medicine. We saw it back in 60's and early 70's with the "back to nature" hippie movement. Of course, as with any "movement" some good and often a lot bad comes out of it.

Once again, the world seems poised to see another such revival of interest in natural remedies. The reasons may vary, but for the most part it is driven by concern for the high cost of pharmaceuticals, the increasing frequency of side effects, and the realization that all too often we've been sold a bill of goods. The WHO, CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma have spent billions, maybe even trillions on lobbyists and bribes to peddle their high-priced poisons to gullible and hurting people.

Thankfully, nature has given us many natural remedies, that with proper usage have little or no side effects.

So join me as we explore the many wonderful ways to achieve health, heal the body, and live a long and happy life through the use of essential natural remedies.

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